About The White Iris

The White Iris is comprised of three main stories that take place in a fictional world called Vatala. Planned as a three-part story, the first one is called Radiant, the second Reverse, and the last Refrain.

The White Iris is a fantasy epic that I have written various, non-contiguous material on and off since 2006. It was loosely based on a small RP project I once helped write the background story for. In fact, Reverse heavily borrows from the original story of the forum RP. Unfortunately, The White Iris has outlived the community where it came from.

The White Iris is the story of a world where there is no Sun as a result of the war in heaven, and all but nine gods are alive, tyrants and warlords on earth who enforce a world war every nine years to feed off mankind’s devotion. But when one of them dies, the blame goes to a common soldier named Nive, and as the agents of the Nine pursue him across the twilit, frozen world of Vatala, they have unwittingly moved ancient forces beyond even the gods themselves.

As this is a huge undertaking, my brother Raphael is helping on the world-building by crafting concept art for The White Iris. You can find some of his concept art in this blog, but you can also check him out at his Facebook page. We’re planning to publish the first entry in The White Iris as an illustrated novel, with his work on the left-side pages and the written story on the right.

If you like what you’re seeing, and the world so far, drop us a comment in our posts!



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