From the Ashes

Hi, guys.

It’s been three years since I last worked on this blog, and what can I say… a LOT of things have changed. We haven’t forgotten about The White Iris, though, and it’s progressing. Slowly, gradually, but getting there.

I redid the blog layout to be more modern, and overhauled the concept artwork and their descriptions. Before this update, most of the artwork here were superseded and old, and did not reflect the new direction of the story we wanted it to take. With the influx of recent material from my brother, the artist, I think we have lots of room to build upon the world of Vatala even more than ever.

So what was this post all about? It’s about to usher The White Iris into its tenth anniversary since its conception. And, just like that, this blog, which at a time felt like it was abandoned, rose from its ashes like a mythical phoenix.


Brings back memories. The phoenix has always been my favorite mythological creature, even more so than dragons. With the slight change in The White Iris’s bestiary, we might have some phoenix-types in there so who knows.

Anyway, to cut this short, here’s to more updates for The White Iris! But remember, share this post (or this blog) to get it out there.

~ Rex



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