Concept Art: Yellowjacket

A new concept art has been revealed: the Yellowjackets. More after the break.

A Yellowjacket on his worg.

The Yellowjackets are the healers of the world of Vatala, who make their living by traveling from town to town, bringing with them the lost art of healing and medicine. Often seen traveling with their worgs – a beast of burden that looks like a huge hooved wolf – Yellowjackets are often the only source of news and gossip, especially to frontier hamlets.

The sentiments of the people that encounter Yellowjackets vary. Some disdain them, others are delighted with their stories, but all – even Judges themselves – respect their skill, which some say are almost magical in nature, especially as they perform miracles of healing without the use of an iris. Still, those who pry into the secret art are quickly rebuffed, and woe to anyone who sees a Yellowjacket in anger – as healing is merely another face of death. In fact, the Chrysanthemum – a guild of assassins – is said to be founded by a rogue Yellowjacket.


Tera Vastlight at the Womb of the World


The story’s most famous Yellowjacket is Tera Vastlight, one of Nive’s companions.


The White Iris c. 2011-2016
All rights reserved.


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