Concept Art: The Nine

The third concept art for The White Iris has been released, detailing the Nine, the gods of Vatala in the Long Dark. More after the break.


One of the Nine, Lord Rave Ailfdiwh of the Fire Cult.


The Nine is the collective term for the nine gods that survived the war in heaven. Bringing knowledge of magic, they ruled over humanity in the wake of the cataclysm of the Sunfall and led the use of irises, coin-sized rings that were said to be fragments of the Sun when it fell, as currency and as foci of magical power.

The Nine founded the Ennead, a war every nine years, where cults based on every god meet in battle to obtain the most number of irises. The Ennead ends when all other cults have been decimated (or have surrendered) and the remaining cult has all their irises; the god of that cult will become more powerful, and the other gods will swear fealty to the High God – until a new Ennead comes around again.

Often portrayed as bloodthirsty, manipulative, and malevolent, some of the Nine are actually benevolent and care for their cult members. One such is Lady Rinessa, of the Morning cult, while others take no part in the proceedings of the Ennead, often yielding to the strongest cult as long as they are left in peace, like Lord Misme of the Waters cult. Others, however, live for battle, like Lord Rave of the Fire cult, and Lady Amitiel of the Darkness cult, who have established fortresses and military discipline among their constituents.

The current High God when the story begins is Lord Noir Argence, of the Storm cult.

The White Iris c. 2011-2016
Concept art by Raphael Tolentino
All rights reserved.

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