Concept Art: Judges

The fourth concept art of The White Iris has been released: the Judges. The Judges are one of the primary groups in the universe of The White Iris. Details after the break.

A Judge of the Tower of Shinar, with various weapons, armor, and helmet. The armor of a Judge is unique among them, much like a fingerprint.

The Judges are the inscrutable agents of the Tower of Shinar, and act as the balancing force of the Ennead. These tireless, armored warriors, standing nearly nine feet tall, all wear a suit of armor with a cloak of midnight blue. Their armor is a marvel to behold – immune to any damage, with an appearance unique to each Judge.

Mysterious as they are feared, their word is so absolute even the legions of tyrants bow to them. It is said that even the Nine follow their word, which is curious, as the Nine do not follow anything or anyone – much less one inside a suit of armor. No one knows what a Judge looks like beneath their armor; some say the Judges are demons, some say the Judges are just animated by magic, while a few even say the Nine were former Judges exiled from their order.

The Nine and the Judges are always at odds with each other, and their polarity has held Vatala in a strange equilibrium. This tenuous pact has worked for over half a century, until, of course, one of the Nine was assassinated.

The White Iris c. 2011-2016
All rights reserved.


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