Concept Art: Ennead

Second concept art for The White Iris is released just today, describing the Ennead. Details and description of the unit after the break.


Nive looking over the Field of the Lightless, in an Ennead battle.



The Ennead, or “War of Nine”, is a war every nine years by the Cults of the Nine. These battles take place all over the world, from sprawling fields of thousands of combatants to a one-on-one exchange in a dark alley. The objective is twofold: gain as many irises as necessary, and destroy the other Cults while doing so.

The Judges oversee the proceedings of the Ennead, making sure that the Nine and their Cults follow the rules in a particular Ennead that the Judges list beforehand. These rules, the Constants, limit the wars and the conventions of warfare, and may change per Ennead. For example, one Ennead may prohibit the use of bladed weapons, while one Ennead may only take irises without direct bloodshed. This makes the war a limited one, and any Cult or god who breaks a Constant may be forced to withdraw from the contest – or even attacked by the Judges themselves.

The god who wins the Ennead becomes the High God until the next war, and will command all fealty of the gods and the overlordship of all cults. As High God, they may promulgate decrees and other worldwide laws that all must obey, except the Judges.

As of 562 Long Dark, the current High God is Lord Noir Argence, the Stormlord.

The White Iris c. 2011-2016
All rights reserved.


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