Concept Art: Ancients

The first concept art for The White Iris is released, about the Ancients. Details after the break.


An unnamed Ancient, holding the unbroken Pillars of Creation.


The Ancients or Elders were titanic beings that existed long before humans became humans or the gods awakened. The primal forces of nature made flesh – and ranging in appearance from barely humanoid to a chimera of present-day fauna – the Ancients commanded magic and power that could destroy worlds. Still, given their power, no one knew why and how they died, but in the wake of their passing came the first god, Sidhi.

Standing taller than mountains and wider than entire valleys, the bones of Ancients were mined out of existence for vatalite, a mineral that powered machines long before the war in heaven. After the gods were annihilated and their survivors came to live among men, machines were outlawed, and flight – seen as a way to ban anyone from entering the sacred realm of the gods, Exceed – was regulated. Finally, the Nine struck all records of the Ancients from historical records, relegating them to the status of myth.


An Ancient idol, Abahet.


Some legends say that an Ancient cannot die, but return to the earth only to be reformed again at a later time. Whisperings among crazed hermits and forgotten monuments when men worshipped the corpses of ancient deities speak of their return, but whether to deliver or to destroy, the legends do not say.

The White Iris c. 2011-2016
All rights reserved.


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