Some News: Sort Of

Hi, guys.

I haven’t updated so far, because I’ve been busy with a lot of re-writing and re-editing bits and pieces of the story as they come along. You see, I don’t write The White Iris continuously, but in disconnected chapters as they come to me. Only when I’ve written parts that I join them together and flesh out what comes between two events.

Much of what I’ve written in the past couple of months were utterly and almost entirely different from the main outline I had in mind. Most of these were so unrecognizable from the original notes I wrote down when I started work on Tsubasa Reverse about 5 years ago. In those drafts that were discarded, rewritten, and discarded yet again, it was meant for a forum play-by-post (PBP) role-playing game. After the community was shut down, I retained those notes and modified them to be a single narrative.


The online community where the original idea came from (, 2005-2010)


When I regained the original notes I realized that some of those elements were what made Tsubasa Reverse and the RPG-to-be so endearing to its fans, including the novelization I once made in Fiction Press that garnered attention from fans and critics alike. Tsubasa Reverse was meant to meld concepts from high fantasy and Japanese manga and anime, but when I began work on The White Iris it became more of a traditional science-fantasy and its manga-and-anime influence was almost absent.

Some elements in the original drafts, of course, won’t make it to the light of day, or the original title, “Tsubasa”, and “Tsubasa Reverse”. It will stay as “The White Iris”. An interesting point here is that I am bringing back the intended reason why it was called “Tsubasa Reverse” in the first place, which was absent in The White Iris before when this blog was set out.

Well, that would be all. I hope you’d still be here when I update again, and I think it would be more to your tastes.

~ Rex


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